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Lab Animals Find New Homes Through Adoption

Monique Richards, spokesperson, Food and Drug Administration.

Gail Thomssen, North Carolina director, Humane Society of the United States.

Greta Rubello, public relations, University of Michigan.

Kate Aubry, president and founder, BeFreegle Foundation.

Matthew Bailey, president, National Association for Biomedical Research.

Justin Goodman, vice president of advocacy and public policy, White Coat Waste Project.

Nina Wertan, program manager, Humane Society of the United States.

Allyson Bennett, PhD, professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Faculty Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison Animal Program.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

National Institutes of Health

FDA.gov: “Why are animals used in testing of medical products.”



National Association for Biomedical Research.

White Coat Waste Project.

The Humane Society of the United States.


University of Wisconsin-Madison.

BeFreegle Foundation.

The Hill: “New FDA Policy Allows Lab Animals Be Adopted After Experiments.”

Smithsonian: “The FDA Will Now Allow Lab Animals to Be Adopted.”

Time: “Senate Bill Could Save Many Federal Lab Animals’ Lives and Give Them a New Home.”

A Humane World: “10 States now encourage adoption of research dogs into loving homes.”

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